TRX Force Tactical Gym

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The TRX Force Kit is the high end TRX Band and was developed based on the enormously high requirements of the US military for training equipment and is planned, designed and tested for the highest demands and requirements on material and performance.


The TRX Force Kit impresses with its extremely high quality workmanship and useful product additions for an effective training at any time and in any situation.this TRX band will lift your training to a new level!






Material Band: Industrial Nylon. belt width 4 cm


Material handles: solid rubber, hygienic, dirt-resistant


Mounting options included: TRX Suspension Anchor FORCE with intermediate anchoring loops (For anchoring to trees, gates, posts, TRX Xmount, etc.), TRX Door Anchor FORCE (For anchoring to doors), TRX Xtender for high and wide anchor points


Max. Load capacity: 159 Kg


Colour: Olive green


Authenticity certified by hologram and serial number


Storage and transport bag with rucksack function




Decisive advantages - TRX FORCE KIT


Robust steel slide length adjustment. Simple, effective and saves weight.

Only 600 g total weight.

TRX Door Anchor Military and TRX Extender (98 cm) included free of charge in the kit. Ideal for quick suspension and high or extremely thick anchor points.

Handles made of extremely durable rubber. Waterproof, robust, optimal grip comfort, high durability.

Carabiner solution for changing hanging solutions in seconds. Loadable up to 900 kg.

TRX Storage Bag can be converted into a backpack with pockets for small items.

Minimal bigger footstraps, optimal for training with boots.

Patented compensation loop for optimal training performance, especially for one-armed exercises.






training contents TRX FORCE KIT


With the TRX FORCE KIT you get free access to the TRX FORCE Super App, three additional real-time workouts as video and PDF in the TRX Online Library and a workout on the TRX Force GetStarted/Workout Poster.


Each workout has three progression levels for your individual training success and can be downloaded or streamed to any PC/smart/tablet. So your workout is always and everywhere at your fingertips. Contents in English language.




The workouts & contents TRX FORCE KIT


12 weeks program Tactical Conditioning Program

Extensive exercise library (over 70 exercises) with progressions for each exercise

Workout Selector for random selection of exercises and thus always new, exciting and effective workouts

Countdown Timer for effective interval training

Performance tests that take you to your limits and beyond

Agility and fitness exercises that make you faster and better

Clear menu navigation

3x 15 minutes real-time workouts (download/stream) in the TRX Online Library with three levels of difficulty each

Introductionary Workout (on the Get Start/Workout Poster)




Why should you buy the TRX FORCE KIT?


The TRX sling trainers were the first sling trainers on the fitness market and have been the benchmark and most used equipment in functional training for years.TRX Training was developed at the beginning of the millennium by units of the Navy Seals to keep fit in the field.


From the original training system of rubber bands and parachute ropes, TRX has developed over the years equipment that meets the highest demands of military units and special forces around the world. You always have your gym with you. No matter when, no matter where.


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