Snickers HI-Protein Bar, 12 x 55g

Geschmack: Snickers
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Snickers protein bars - with 22g protein per bar


The tasty Snicker bar reduces in carbohydrates and sugar, but with an abundant pack of protein!


The new Snickers Protein bar has the same taste as the real Snickers bar, except that it has been reduced in the nutritional values that made you hesitate to eat. On the contrary, the Snickers Protein bar has 22g of protein per bar and less than 250kcal! Perfect for nibbling on something sweet while still absorbing protein!


Snickers Protein Bar

18g protein per bar

only 242kcal

great taste


Nutritional values and ingredients Snickers Protein Bar

 Energie  242 kcal 
 Fett 8,6 g
 davon gesättigt 3,2 g
 Kohlenhydrate 22,3 g
 davon Zucker 11,5 g
 Eiweiss 22 g
 Salz 0,2 g



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