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With the powerbands Set MINI a variety of exercises can be performed in a very small space. The combination of the three powerbands MINI allow a very varied training in different levels of difficulty. With this set you are perfectly equipped to do an intensive whole body or abdominal-leg butt training. Also ideal for activating and stabilizing the muscles. The powerbands set MINI contains three different mini-bands in three different strengths and therefore provides the right level of difficulty for every fitness level. The size of the powerbands MINI is 22 x 5 cm.




The powerbands SET MINI contains:


1x powerband MINI Light

1x powerband MINI Medium

1x powerband MINI Strong




Exclusive 30-day online access


With your purchase you will receive an exclusive 30-day access to the Let's Bands Online Gym. Here you will find numerous exercises and workouts that will support you in your individual powerbands training. With your practical "gym to go" you can train and access exercises anywhere and anytime - whether on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. No matter if you want to intensify your usual bodyweight exercises or if you are looking for an alternative to free weight or equipment training.


Note: Some exercises require the use of a red or black powerband MAX. In order to be able to perform all exercises and train as effectively as possible, we recommend the additional purchase of the red and/or black powerband MAX or the powerband SET MAX.


Topics: Pain reduction, strength increase, balance improvement, improvement of endurance, fall prevention, blood pressure reduction, improvement of posture, reduction of movement restrictions, improved functionality, improved mobility and flexibility


You can find more exercises in the free powerbands app. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store.




Why should you train with the MINI set?


  • The ultimate all-in-one package for intensive full-body workouts
  • Unlimited exercise variety for belly, legs and bottom due to different strengths
  • Intensive use of the musculature for strength and muscle building
  • Full-fledged all-round training, completely without great expenditure of time, money or equipment
  • Bonus: 30 days training at the Let's Bands Online Gym



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