Optimum Nutrition - Serious Mass, 5455 Gramm

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Serious Mass is one of the best selling Weigtgainer years ago! Very tasty and available in different flavours.


Advantages Serious Mass


The best selling Weigtgainer

Super ingredients

No additional sugar

25 Vitamins and minerals

Extra creatine and L-glutamine




Content: 5455 grams


For a creamy Serious Mass Shake: Mix 1 serving (1 measuring spoon) with approx. 400 ml water, fruit juice, skimmed or soy milk. To increase calorie intake for muscle building, take one serving in the morning, one in the afternoon (as a snack about 45 minutes before training) and one after training. On non-training days, two servings per day or according to personal needs are sufficient. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass can also be taken only as a regeneration drink after exercise. Simply consume one serving of Optimum Serious Mass after training.


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