MORE NUTRITION Chunky Flavours, 250 g Can

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MORE NUTRITION Chunky Flavours


  • 250 g content
  • Almost calorie-free
  • With digestive enzyme lactase
  • Even creamier and tastier
  • Ideal for fitness nutrition

Wow! Creamy, delicious and almost calorie-free! The More 2 Taste Chunky Flavour is a taste powder of the next generation. The delicious taste and the easy preparation are simply ingenious. Depending on the variety, you can also expect delicious biscuit, fruit or chocolate chips. With this Flavour Powder, you are guaranteed not to get bored. More 2 Taste raises the taste powder to a whole new level with the Chunky Flavour!


Consumption recommendation

Mix 3g of powder (1 measuring spoon) with water, milk or a plant drink, depending on how you like it.


Important notes

Does not serve as a substitute for a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle is as important as a balanced diet.



Inulin White chocolate sprinkles 20% (saccarose, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, lactose, whey powder, emulsifier soya lecithin, flavouring), colouring food beetroot juice powder, acidifier: citric acid, sweeteners: sucralose and steviol glycosides, lactase.


Nutritional values

 per 100 g  per 3 g (1 serving 
 Energy1109 kJ / 265 kcal 34 kJ / 8 kcal
 Fat 6,8 g 0,2 g
of saturated 4,1 g 0,12 g
 Carbohydrates 20,7 g 0,61 g
of sugar 10,8 g 0,32 g
Fibres 57,4 g 1,7 g
 Protein 6,2 g 0,18 g
 Salt 0,39 g 0,01 g

Allergy warning

No potential allergens known.  


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