MoonSpring, 500ml

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Moonspring are calorie-free, still, vegan soft drinks based on natural essences with selected functional components such as Q10, folic acid or caffeine. Moonspring is aseptically filled in a gentle manner and thus does not contain any preservatives.


The use of natural essences guarantees the incredibly intense and long-lasting taste profile of Moonspring. The production of these essences is similar to individual processes used in the perfume industry, whereby tea and fruit infusions are pressed, the flavour essences are distilled from them and then diluted back, sometimes with the addition of further flavours. The result is the compositions of Moonspring.


Moonspring can be drunk at room temperature or chilled and has a shelf life of at least 12 months.


No calories, no additives - means less than 5 kcal/100ml and no preservatives.




Smoky and fruity, dark and fresh, intense and sweet - bringing together essences of rooibos and currant is obvious. And because rooibos is not a tea from the tea bush and therefore does not contain any caffeine of its own, we have added some to it. Smart!  Caffeine helps to improve alertness, concentration and performance.






The colour "orange" comes from the fruit. Before it came to us, people here only knew "red". And then Marco Polo went to China... where the orange was invented by crossing tangerine with grapefruit. Anyway, together with the essence of fresh green tea we created something unique. Great!




With folic acid.


Essences of fresh kiwi... actually it's not really called that, it's Kiwiberry, even though it's not a berry. And it's not from New Zealand, it's from China. However, together with lemon grass from the West Indies and local apple, it makes a great thirst quencher. Actually the best!
Folic acid supports a whole range of important metabolic and growth processes.




With hemp extract.


4/20 is only a myth - but the truth is that Vincent van Gogh painted his most famous paintings on hemp fabric. Hops also have their own peculiarity, because no matter how you turn it, it always grows and winds clockwise. However, the mixture of essences from both gives a taste that is addictive. Absolutely ingenious.  Hemp extract is obtained by crushing the flowers and has a calming effect.




With Q10.


Strawberries are actually not berries but nuts, and black tea is not called black in China but "Hong Cha", which actually means red tea. Anyway, the taste combination counts, especially together with the essence of fresh mint. Fantastic!
Q10 is essential for the supply of energy to the cells and the immune system.



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