IronMaxx Protein Müsli, 500g

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The world novelty of IronMaxx® 48 % High Protein Muesli!


The new IronMaxx® Protein Muesli finally brings variety on the breakfast table! With almost 48% protein content, our new protein muesli is not only the most protein-rich product on the market, it also contains little fat compared to common protein mueslis. Due to an additionally reduced carbohydrate and sugar content, our muesli is not only suitable for the diet and muscle building phase alone, but also as a healthy meal replacement and for in-between meals.


Because a varied and at the same time protein-rich diet is still a challenge for many athletes. Although vegetables, fish and meat offer an almost inexhaustible selection of low-calorie and high-quality protein sources for lunch and dinner, these are not suitable for breakfast, especially for fitness beginners and conventional sports enthusiasts. Even vegans or people with lactose or gluten intolerance are currently searching in vain for suitable and first-class protein sources between low-fat curd cheese and low-fat natural yoghurt.


The IronMaxx® 48 % High Protein Muesli! - The revolution of breakfast!


Our new 48 % High Protein Muesli is a true alternative to traditional animal protein sources. And even more! It's the perfect combination of high protein content and reduced carbohydrate and fat ingredients. And it is also available in 5 delicious varieties. In addition to the classic chocolate and nut flavours, it offers a wide range of choices for everyone with strawberry, banana and the neutral flake mix. And the best thing about it: it is not only a classic with milk, it is a real treat. Just like its IronMaxx® relatives, it can easily be prepared with water, saving even more unnecessary fats and carbohydrates.


The new IronMaxx® 48 % High Protein Muesli: an absolute world novelty! And you will not find it in any other product range of other food supplement manufacturers!


Recommended intake


Stir the desired amount of IronMaxx® Protein Muesli into water or chilled, low-fat milk (fat content 1.5%). Basically, the increased protein requirement of a person depends on age, sex and training condition. Store out of reach of small children. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be observed.




soya flakes, soya crispies (soya protein, rice semolina, soya flour, salt), sunflower seeds, quinoa puffed, amaranth puffed, linseed, pumpkin seeds


Nutritional values


Energy 418 kcal Fat 16,3gCarbohydrates 17,1of which sugar 3,4gFibre 9,3gProtein 46,0g Salt 1,1g 

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