Got7 Protein Flips, 50g

Geschmack: Flips
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"Got7 Protein Flips"


Beware of the danger of addiction! Got7 Nutrition stands for innovative products and has pulled the next cracker out of its sleeve with the crunchy Protein Flips. They have significantly fewer calories than conventional flips from the supermarket and offer 12 g of protein per pack. The significantly lower fat content of the Got7 Protein Flips makes it possible that the greasy fingers known for nibbles are a thing of the past. Got7 also does everything right when it comes to taste - the Brazilian Barbeque tastes exactly like what it says on it and is not overpowered by an extremely persistent peanut flavour. Athletes who value a healthy lifestyle and diet and still want to treat themselves to a salty snack during an exciting evening of filming are well served with Got7 Protein Flips.



  •    25% protein
  •    aromatic and crunchy
  •    vegan
  •    less fat and calories than conventional flips


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