Got7 Flavor Powder, 150g

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"Got7 Flavor Powder"


Deliciously delicious! The innovative Flavor Powder from Got7 Nutrition contains (almost) no calories and no added sugar. It's child's play to conjure up a delicious dessert from low-fat curd cheese or yoghurt. Got7 Flavor Powder is also ideal for refining tasteless protein powder. A great taste and easy solubility are guaranteed. The low price invites you to try, nibble and enjoy. It's best to order different flavours in the Fiteluxe Shop and find your personal favourite. Let's get started!




  • delicious flavour powder
  • simple solubility
  • for milk, quark and yoghurt
  • different flavours
  • resealable can




What are the advantages of Got7 Flavor Powder?


In addition to a very attractive price, the Got7 Flavor Powder has a delicious taste. The Flavor Powder is especially developed for the preparation with milk dishes. Just 5 grams will turn your low-fat curd into a delicious protein pudding in the flavor of your choice. The Got7 Flavor Powder is economical and dissolves very well. The Flavor Powder contains no added sugar. So you save a lot of unnecessary calories. For athletes, the Flavour Powder with its fitness-suitable nutritional values is ideal. See for yourself!





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