ESN Designer Whey Protein, 1000g

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Flavour: Vanilla
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Rich in BCAAs and glutamine

Without aspartame

High protein value

Quality product from Germany


ESN Designer Whey Protein is the optimal combination of two components produced in a gentle cold process: Instant CFM Whey Isolate and Instant Whey Concentrate. This protein is produced from whey using the patented CFM process (Cross Flow Microfiltration). This process is particularly gentle, as neither heat nor chemicals are used, resulting in a very high protein content, with very little carbohydrates, fat and lactose. Thus ideally suited if you want to build low-fat muscles.


Consumption recommendation


Mix 1 portion of 30g (1 measuring spoon) per day with water and take. Consume after training (on non-training days after getting up).


Important notes


Do not exceed the above recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be consumed as a substitute for a balanced diet. A medical doctor or nutritionist should be consulted in the event of health problems or questions about their use. Store in a cool and dry place and keep out of the reach of children! A healthy lifestyle is as important as a balanced diet.






Whey protein blend (ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate), flavours, emulsifier: soya lecithin, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K.




Whey protein blend (ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate, cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate), cocoa, flavours, emulsifier: soya lecithin, salt, sweeteners: sucralose, acesulfame K. Contains milk products and a soya product (soya lecithin)


Nutritional values

  pro 100g  
 Energie 1616 kJ / 386 kcal  
 Fett  5,4 g 
 davon gesättigt  1,8 g  
 Kohlenhydrate  7,3 g 
 davon Zucker  3,6 g 
 Eiweiss 77 g  
 Salz  0,6 g 
Aminosäureprofil  pro 100 g Eiweiss
 Alanin 4,6 g
 Arginin  2 g
 Asparaginsäure  17 g
 Cystin 2,7 g
 Glutamin  17 g
 Glycin  1,2 g
 Histidin  1,5 g
 Isoleucin  6,1 g
 Leucin  11,2 g 
 Lysin  9,4 g 
 Methionin  1,8 g 
 Phenylalanin  3,1 g
 Prolin  5 g
 Serin  4,7 g
 Threonin  7,8 g
 Tryptophan  1,7 g
 Tyrosin  3,2 g
 Valin  6 g


Enthält Milcherzeugnisse und ein Sojaerzeugnis (Sojalecithin). Kann zudem Spuren von Nüssen enthalten.

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